Year Preview

Freshman Year Preview
  • Start Thinking About Careers  ~  What interests me?
  • Plan Freshman Schedule ~ Explore Curriculum Guide and Decide on Diploma Track
  • Visit Decatur County College Fair in the Fall
Sophomore Year Preview
  • Plan Sophomore Schedule according to Diploma Requirements
  • Continue Career Options/Explore Career Inventories
  • Explore College/Military/Work Options
  • If interested in college, begin to explore college admission standards
  • Visit Decatur County College Fair in the Fall
  • Take PSAT
Junior Year Preview
  • Plan Junior Schedule According to Diploma Requirements
  • Visit Decatur County College Fair in the Fall
  • Get Serious About Future Plans
  • Begin Visiting Potential Colleges ~ Juniors may take one college day their Junior year to explore college   options
  • Take PSAT
  • Use PSAT results to study for SAT or ACT
  • Register for SAT or ACT in March or May depending on individual student's readiness for the test.
Senior Year Preview
  • Plan Senior Schedule According to Diploma Requirements
  • Narrow Down Plans for After Graduation
  • Visit the Decatur County College Fair in the Fall
  • College Bound Students
    • Apply for Post Secondary education as soon as possible August - December
    • Take SAT or ACT tests in Early Fall, if necessary for score improvement
    • Begin Applying for Scholarships in September
    • In December, create FAFSA Pin Number for students planning to file the FAFSA form
    • Attend Financial Aid Night At North Decatur
    • 21st Century Scholars ~  Mail your Affirmation Forms
  • Students interested in the Military after High School:
    • If interested in the option of military, see your counselor for Military information and contacts.
  • Students interested in the Workforce after High School:
    • Explore career opportunities after high school ~ find out if additional school will be necessary
    • Explore possibilities in advancement
    • Formulate a Resume
    • Learn how to fill out a job application
    • Work on Interviewing Skills
  • Location