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Lockout and Lockdown Procedures

Parents and guardians of South Decatur students, as you know there was a domestic issue in Westport the afternoon of January 8. While this crisis situation was being taken care of by our sheriff department, the two south schools went on a lockout. This measure was purely to ensure the safety of all of our students. A call went out explaining that the school was on lockout, but inadvertently we have discovered that there was an issue with the system, and the call did not go out as intended. We are working to solve this problem with our vendor. We apologize greatly for this error.

At dismissal time, Westport was still not secure, and we felt it was in the best interest and safety of our students to delay dismissal. When we received the all clear, we then released all students to the buses and home. Please accept our apologies that not all of you got contacted, and know that we have taken care of this so that if there ever is a next time, this will not happen again. Decatur County Community Schools takes safety of all of our students very seriously, and are constantly working to ensure a safe learning environment. Below is the explanation of both a lockout and a lockdown so that you are better informed. Again, thank you for your understanding and support.

Lockout - secure the perimeter: In case of a domestic situation or a criminal at large in the area, doors lock and procedures are in place to secure the safety of our children and staff.

Lockdown - lock, lights, out of sight: In the case of an intruder or imminent danger, doors lock and procedures are in place to secure the safety of our children and staff.

We will notify parents as quickly as is reasonably possible if these situations occur. 

eLearning Day

eLearning day is Monday, January 21, 2019. Please note, all students in grades K–12 will work off-campus. For complete details and information, please see our eLearning day flyer.